Silver Amalgam Filling Removal and Replacement

Silver Amalgam Filling Removal and Replacement

Silver Amalgam Filling Removal and Replacement

If your silver amalgam fillings have been giving you issues call and schedule an appointment with a mercury free dentist in Westlake Village. Getting rid of your old cracked and chipped amalgam fillings is good for your smile and the rest of your body. In fact, you could be doing more for your health than you think.

The Truth about Silver Amalgam Fillings

Dr. Steven Greenman explains that because old silver amalgam fillings shrink and expand, unlike tooth colored fillings, they will eventually crack, break or leak. If that happens you are subjecting your body to mercury.

While the FDA and the ADA both deem silver amalgam fillings as safe they both agree that mercury is a toxin. Consequently that means if you have cracked, broken or leaky silver amalgam fillings you are exposing yourself to mercury.

Replacing Silver Amalgam Fillings in Westlake Village

If you are considering replacing your old fillings it’s a very good thing for your oral and overall health.

Your Westlake Village dentist is well equipped to remove and replace your fillings safely. Your safety and the safety of the team members is the most important thing when it comes to removing and replacing old silver amalgam fillings.

Before anything is removed Dr. Greenman will thoroughly check out your teeth and gums and your entire oral cavity examining your healthy and restored teeth looking for cracked, chipped and leaky restorations. If you have old dental bridges or dental crowns, those will be looked at as well.

Feeling Good with New Fillings

Depending on how large your fillings are you can expect them to be removed in about 10 minutes. With that being said your dentist in Westlake Village may prefer to do a quadrant at a time if you have multiple old silver amalgam fillings.

Once your old silver amalgam fillings are removed any decay that has formed beneath or around the old filling is removed. Unfortunately, the healthy part of the tooth is easily decayed if there are chips, cracks, breaks or leaks in the dental filling.

The dental materials used by Dr. Greenman are compatible and safe for you and your body. These materials are matched to the rest of your tooth and look as good as your natural tooth does. In fact, no one will be the wiser when you have your old silver amalgam fillings removed because all they will see is a beautiful new tooth.

Smile with Healthy New Dental Fillings

If you would like to learn more about silver amalgam filling removal and replacement, call, send a direct message or a text to a team member from Dr. Steven Greenman’s dental practice today.

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