Dental Implants


Dental implants in Westlake Village are amazing. Best of all, the one-piece Nobel Pearl dental implant is 100 percent metal free providing an alternative to traditional titanium posts and screws, which can sometimes cause severe allergic reactions.

Dr. Greenman is a licensed and preferred provider of dental implants, which require a steady hand for placement as it is a one-piece tooth replacement system.

Dental implants provide patients with the same support; however, Nobel Pearl is reversible and offers a state of the art cement free internal connection. This is a much healthier option for some people.

Because of its soft tissue appearance, Nobel Pearl dental implants just look better.

The Benefits of Implants:

Natural all white for maximum aesthetics
Soft tissue attachment with little inflammatory responses
Zirconia is used instead of traditional metal dental implants
Zirconia and plaque don’t get along aiding in oral hygiene

Dental Implants are Safe and Look Natural

Ceramic dental implants are fairly new, but are quickly becoming the preferred method for replacing missing teeth as some patients suffer from severe metal allergies. Ceramic dental implants are metal free and for some patients the only dental implant option.

Although conventional dental implants have been around much longer than ceramic implants, Dr. Greenman explains that they are just as good, if not better than traditional dental implants.

While ceramic dental implants can crack or fracture the repairs are much simpler than conventional dental implants. Ceramic dental implants are also FDA approved and safe. Ceramic dental implants look much more natural than conventional dental implants as well.

For a healthier alternative to metal dental implants, call and schedule a no obligation ceramic dental implant consultation with Dr. Greenman today.

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