Mercury Free


Mercury free dentistry is dentistry without silver amalgam. Dentists who don’t use mercury use other materials that are much more compatible.

Dr. Greenman is a mercury free dentist who uses the highest quality biocompatible dental materials available. The tooth colored restorations creates healthy and beautiful smiles and is less invasive than conventional silver amalgam fillings.

Silver Amalgam Fillings

While the American Dental Association still deems silver amalgam fillings safe, some people have complications from the mercury. Silver fillings contain over 50 percent mercury along with other metals such as copper and tin. Mercury has been known to cause problems for the digestive and respiratory systems along with the immune, cardiac and urinary tract systems.

Dr. Greenman only uses tooth colored fillings as this eliminates problems if a patient has issues with silver amalgam fillings.

Silver fillings are also more harmful to your teeth as more of the healthy structure needs to be removed to make way for the filling. This makes the entire tooth weaker overall. Silver fillings also contract and expand with temperature changes. This can cause cracks and leaks leading to additional tooth decay in the same tooth.


Mercury Free Dentistry is Beneficial

The biocompatible dental materials used by Dr. Greenman do not contain harmful chemicals. Composite resin and glass ionomers are healthier for your body and your teeth. These materials are also healthier for the environment.

Tooth colored fillings are made to last for years and are just as strong, if not stronger than silver amalgam fillings.

If you are concerned about silver amalgam fillings and would like to learn more about biocompatible tooth colored fillings, call and schedule an appointment with Dr. Greenman today.

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