Pioneering Metal Free Dentistry in Westlake Village

Pioneering Metal Free Dentistry in Westlake Village

Pioneering Metal Free Dentistry in Westlake Village

In the realm of modern dentistry, patients are becoming increasingly concerned about the materials used in their dental treatments. Dr. Steven C. Greenman, a leading Westlake Village dentist, has been at the forefront of the metal-free dental practice movement.

With his expertise and commitment to patient health, Dr. Greenman has established himself as a trusted Westlake Village restorative dentist, offering safe and effective metal-free dentistry options.

Metal-Free Dentistry A New Era in Dental Care

Metal-free dentistry represents a paradigm shift in the dental field. Traditionally, amalgam fillings containing mercury were widely used. However, concerns about potential health risks associated with mercury exposure have led to the development of alternative materials.

Dr. Greenman recognized the importance of providing his patients with safer, more aesthetically pleasing options, leading him to embrace metal-free dentistry.

The Advantages of Metal-Free Dentistry

  1. Health and Safety: Metal-free dentistry eliminates the potential risks associated with mercury exposure. Dr. Greenman’s metal-free dental practice prioritizes patient safety, providing peace of mind for those who are concerned about their overall well-being.
  2. Aesthetics: Metal-free dental restorations, such as tooth-colored composite fillings, porcelain veneers, and ceramic crowns, offer a more natural appearance compared to traditional metal restorations. Dr. Greenman’s focus on creating beautiful smiles ensures that patients can enjoy restored teeth that seamlessly blend with the rest of their dentition.
  3. Durability and Longevity: Contrary to popular belief, metal-free restorations can be just as durable and long-lasting as their metal counterparts. Dr. Greenman utilizes state-of-the-art materials that are known for their strength and resilience, ensuring that patients can enjoy their restored smiles for years to come.

Your Trusted Restorative Dentist

As a leading Westlake Village dentist, Dr. Greenman brings years of experience and expertise to his metal-free dental practice. He understands that every patient’s needs are unique and provides personalized treatment plans tailored to their specific oral health goals.

Dr. Greenman’s commitment to continuing education ensures that he remains at the forefront of advancements in restorative dentistry.

By staying updated on the latest techniques and materials, he can deliver the highest standard of care to his patients.

Safe Dental Fillings: The Greenman Difference

One of the cornerstones of Dr. Greenman’s metal-free dental practice is the use of safe dental fillings. Instead of amalgam, Dr. Greenman utilizes tooth-colored composite fillings, which are made of a durable resin material that bonds directly to the tooth. These fillings not only provide excellent functionality but also offer a natural appearance, ensuring that patients can smile with confidence.

Metal Free Dentistry Westlake Village

With Dr. Steven C. Greenman leading the way, Westlake Village residents can now benefit from the advantages of metal-free dentistry. Schedule a consultation and find out more today.

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