Modern Dental Technology Westlake Village

Modern Dental Technology Westlake Village

Modern Dental Technology Westlake Village

Dr. Stephen Greenman believes in offering patients the best and most modern dental technology in Westlake Village.

Dr. Greenman is also the only dentist to consider for dental implants, sleep medicine and mercury free dentistry.

If you want a healthy AND beautiful smile you can’t go wrong when you become a patient of Dr. Greenman and his talented team.

Modern Dental Technology

The minute you step into the dental practice in Westlake Village you will feel safe and confident. Confident knowing that you are in a practice that believes in modern dental technology.

This includes laser and sedation dentistry, dental sleep medicine for snoring, mercury free dentistry, Invisalign, All on Threes Dental Implants and Trial Smile.

Other Modern Dental Technology Solutions:

  • One Day Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Cosmetic Dental Crowns
  • Enamel Shaping
  • Porcelain Veneers
  • Gummy Smile Repair
  • Orthodontics
  • Clear Removable Braces
  • Tooth Colored Fillings
  • Dental Implants
  • Professional Teeth Whitening
  • Mercury Free Dentistry
  • Complete Smile Makeover

A Consultation in Westlake Village

If you are in need of a dental checkup, call and schedule an appointment. The friendly team will set up a time that is convenient for you so that you can discuss your wants and needs with Dr. Greenman.

During your checkup, the two of you will talk about your dental and physical health before a thorough examination of your teeth, gums and oral cavity.

Make sure that you ask about an oral cancer screening as well as Dr. Greenman only uses the most modern dental technology available.

Once your consultation is complete, you can talk to your cosmetic dentist in Westlake Village about solutions for chipped, stained, cracked and missing teeth.

All of these issues are addressed using modern dental technology including 3 D x-rays and mockups of your future smile. There really is no end to the modern dental technology provided by Dr. Greenman and his team.

Solutions for Healthy Teeth and Gums

Your dentist explains that healthy teeth and gums are imperative and lead the way when it comes to restorative and cosmetic dentistry.

For example, if you have old amalgam fillings switching them out for tooth colored ones would be the first on the list. Dr. Greenman offers mercury free dentistry helping you and your teeth and gums become healthier and happier.

Of course, if you are missing teeth Dr. Greenman recommends dental implants. Surly at the top of the list when it comes to modern dental technology, dental implants are the best defense and act as natural teeth.

Best Modern Dental Technology

If you would like to learn more about modern dental technology, call or send a direct message to a team member today.

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Dear Patients,

I have made the decision to step back from my work as a clinical dentist due to past injuries. However, I will still be practicing dental sleep medicine downstairs in Suite 131 with Dr. Dave Kacker. He has been personally selected by me and is an excellent dentist, renowned for his skills in cosmetic dentistry. Your appointments and care will continue seamlessly with Dr. Kacker and our merged team. Thank you for your understanding and continued support.

You can visit his website at

Best Regards,
Steven C. Greenman, D.D.S.