DIY Cosmetic Dentistry Not the Best Idea

DIY Cosmetic Dentistry Not the Best Idea

DIY Cosmetic Dentistry Not the Best Idea

Cosmetic Dentistry isn’t something that you should do yourself. In fact, professional teeth whitening and removable clear braces must only be placed by a cosmetic dentist. If that doesn’t happen you could be setting yourself up for disaster.

Dr. Stephen C. Greenman is a local dentist who has had years of continued education in all fields including cosmetic dentistry. What this means for you and your family is a safe experience that will certainly outshine anything you could do yourself.

Why DIY Cosmetic Dentistry Isn’t Great

Your Westlake Village cosmetic dentist explains that cosmetic dentistry truly is a science, but also an art.

Your smile is the first thing people notice. If yours is too big or too white they won’t be taking your lead. What they will most likely be doing is telling people to skip DIY dentistry and go to the experts instead.

Social media feeds are filled with advertisements touting the benefits of DIY professional teeth whitening and straightening. Although some may think it is perfectly fine to order professional products online it really isn’t.

There is a reason that these products are prescription. That reason is that they should only be prescribed by a dentist so that the procedure can be monitored.

Because prescription based gels are stronger than the ones you buy over the counter from your local pharmacy you could use too much.

Prescription Whitening Gel

Using too much prescription whitening gel could make your teeth sensitive or worse yet, turn them blue. If you use too much gel you could also be setting yourself up for transparent or even chalky looking teeth.

Dr. Greenman and his team use custom made whitening trays. This is most important as DIY whitening trays aren’t made for everyone like they say they are.

Over the counter trays can leak. If the gel gets on to your gums it will lead to sensitivity. Of course this is just one more reason to see a professional when it comes to cosmetic dentistry.

Invisible Braces

One of the worst DIY products to hit the dental market has to be removable clear aligners. Because they are made with a selfie and a DIY impression you won’t be getting the best results.

Your Westlake Village cosmetic dentist uses Invisalign®. This clear braces system is the oldest and most reliable solution on the market when it comes to moderately tipped and crooked teeth.

Some people are not good candidates for invisible braces. This is what makes DIY so unpredictable and downright dangerous for teeth.

Westlake Village Cosmetic Dentistry

Don’t be tempted with DIY cosmetic dentistry and schedule an appointment with Steven C Greenman DDS today.

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