Dental Fear Nip it in the Bud

Dental Fear Nip it in the Bud

Dental Fear Nip it in the Bud

Dental fear is real. So real that some skip dental care in favor of broken teeth. In fact some people are so fearful they won’t sit in the chair even if the pain is agonizing. Thankfully IV dental sedation in Westlake Village solves the dental fear problem.

If you can’t tolerate your essential time in the dentist’s chair, schedule an appointment with Steven C. Greenman DDS.

IV Sedation Dentistry for Dental Fear

This dentist in Westlake Village has the talent and training to keep you calm, cool and collected whether you are having a simple filling or going in for several procedures during the same visit.

For some people dental fear goes back to childhood with a painful memory that can’t be forgotten. Sometimes it’s the sights and smells while other times it’s the claustrophobic feeling that often comes with time spent at the dentist’s office.

Dr. Steven Greenman is a licensed IV sedation dentist in Westlake Village. Dr. Greenman has helped hundreds of patients overcome dental fear and can help you or a family member as well.

Dental Fear Causes Problems

If you have been following this dental blog you will know how important regular dental checkups are to oral and overall health.

Because the two are connected dental checkups and professional cleanings are a vital part of oral hygiene. Skip the two and you are asking for gum disease and it probably won’t be the curable kind either.

Regular dental appointments and professional cleanings with your Westlake Village dentist prevent bleeding gums and decay.

As you are most likely aware bleeding gums is a sure sign of gingivitis or the more serious periodontal disease.

IV sedation, pill sedation and nitrous oxide are all viable solutions for dental fear. This is something you should be considering if you can’t remember the last time you visited a dentist in your area.

Dental Fear Leads to Disease

Research shows a direct connection between the mouth and the body. That means an unhealthy mouth leads to an unhealthy body.

You can avoid the link by seeing Dr. Greenman and his team twice a year for checkups and twice year for professional cleanings.

If you have a tendency towards gum disease your Westlake Village dentist will most likely recommend more frequent cleanings.

Westlake Village IV Sedation Dentist

If you can’t stand to sit in the chair schedule an appointment. Dr. Greenman. He and his team will help you feel comfortable the minute you walk through the door.

Nip your dental fear in the bud and schedule a checkup in Westlake Village today.

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