Trial Smile


Wouldn’t it be great if you could test drive, your new smile without committing to a complete smile makeover? Well now you can with Dr. Greenman’s, “Trial Smile.”

No More Surprises with, “Trial Smile”

Offered by Dr. Greenman, “Trial Smile,” is a non-invasive procedure that allows you to see your new smile without committing to porcelain veneers, cosmetic dental crowns, dental implants or any other type of cosmetic or restorative procedure.

Sadly, some people do not get to see what they will look like with new porcelain veneers or cosmetic dental crowns. A, “Smile Trial,” puts an end to the guessing game giving you the opportunity to see what you look like before you have any dental procedures.

Everyone’s face and smile is different. While you may adore Julie Roberts smile, your small and petite face may not agree. With a, “Trial Smile,” you will know firsthand how your new smile looks and feels. It doesn’t get much better than that.

trial smile

The, “Trial Smile,” Appointment

During your, “Trial Smile,” appointment, Dr. Greenman and his team of, “Trial Smile,” experts will take digital pictures and 3D scans before creating a temporary dental appliance. This dental appliance gives you the opportunity to take your new smile for a spin without committing to more invasive dental procedures.

Teeth that are too white or too big are never an issue with a, “Trial Smile,” temporary dental appliance.

If you are interested in a new smile, call and schedule a, “Trial Smile,” consultation with Dr. Greenman. The service is complementary and essential if extensive restoration or cosmetic work is in your future. Call for a, “Trial Smile,” consultation today.

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