While dental implants and dental bridges replace missing teeth, some people are not suitable candidates, if you are one of those people; well-made dentures are the answer.

What are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums that are made to fit your mouth. Dentures can be partial or full. This means that they can replace a few teeth or all of your teeth.

Well-made dentures are comfortable and allow you to talk and chew normally; however, your dentures need to be made by a skilled dentist. Dr. Greenman is an experienced denture provider who will make sure your dentures allow you to smile, talk, and eat with confidence.

Dentures are designed to replace a lot of teeth. If you are only missing one or two, Dr. Greenman will probably recommend a dental bridge or dental implant. However, if you are missing most of your teeth, dentures may be the answer, especially if you aren’t a good candidate for implants.


Common Denture Misconceptions

Most people think all dentures require an adhesive to stay put. However, according to Dr. Greenman, well made dentures give the patient enough natural suction to hold them in place.

Adhesive should only be used if recommended by your dentist. Older dentures and dentures that do not fit properly will need adhesive in the future.

Keep in mind that dentures will need to be replaced over time, as the jawbone will naturally shrink. If you lose or gain weight, your dentures may also need to be replaced.

If you would like more information regarding dentures, call and schedule a no obligation tooth replacement consultation with Dr. Greenman and his team today.

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