Professional Teeth Whitening for Professional Results

Professional Teeth Whitening for Professional Results

Professional Teeth Whitening for Professional Results

Beauty is big business with people spending paycheck after paycheck on products that will make them more attractive. Considering your smile is the first thing people notice it’s no wonder so many opt for over the counter tooth whitening products.

Professional teeth whitening is the only way to whiten teeth safely. With people spending billions of dollars every year on non-prescription gels, pastes, trays and strips it is the most popular cosmetic dentistry procedure in the world. Nevertheless, do those cheap and easy to get whitening products really work?

Non-Prescription Teeth Whitening

According to Westlake Village cosmetic dentist Dr. Steven Greenman, over the counter whitening products are not as strong as prescription ones. Because they aren’t as strong some people tend to overdo it using too much solution much too often.

While there are horror stories about using too much whitener, such as see through teeth, most people complain of sensitivity. This usually subsides after you have stopped using the over the counter tooth whitening products.

As previously mentioned there are various ways to whiten your teeth with over the counter products. With that being said, one of the most dangerous is one size fits all trays.

Every mouth is different. That means teeth whitening trays must be custom made to fit. This prevents product seepage. If any whitening gel rests on your gums, it could damage them.

Professional Teeth Whitening

Your Westlake cosmetic Dentist uses custom made whitening trays for optimal results. Customized to fit you won’t have to worry about the prescription grade gel irritating your gums or your teeth.

Once you receive your trays, you will wear them for a half hour every day or when you go to bed depending on your dentists instructions.

You can expect dazzling results in about 14 to 21 days. Professional teeth whitening lightens teeth 8 to ten shades and really brightens your smile.

Is Whitening for Everyone?

Anyone who has stained teeth benefits from professional teeth whitening. Just keep in mind that whitening products don’t work on dental restorations or cosmetic enhancements. If you have stained veneers, talk to Dr. Greenman about veneer restoration or replacement.

While whitening does work on some interior stains, people with severe intrinsic staining from tetracycline or too much fluoride as a child will need to consider other restorative and cosmetic procedures such as cosmetic dental bonding, CEREC, cosmetic dental crowns or porcelain veneers.

A New and Affordable Smile

Teeth whitening does wonders for your confidence and self-esteem. Boost yours today with professional results from your cosmetic dentist in Westlake.

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