Preventive Dentistry Helps Overall Health

Preventive Dentistry Helps Overall Health

Preventive Dentistry Helps Overall Health

Being preventive when it comes to oral care isn’t just for teeth and gums. In fact, being preventive can actually help detect other disease and that’s where preventive dentistry comes in.

Be Preventive and Stay Healthy

According to Dr. Steven Greenman your mouth is what helps tell doctors what’s going on with the rest of the body.

For example, if you have a lump or bump it could be oral cancer. In addition, if you still have silver fillings, you could be dealing with a toxic leaky amalgam filling.

Silver amalgam fillings contain mercury. That mercury is toxic and when spread throughout the body causes serious problems.

Preventive Dentistry with Dr. Greenman

Dr. Greenman believes in the oral and overall health connection. He also believes that preventive dentistry, including comprehensive dental exams, help detect other health problems. In addition, good oral hygiene habits help prevent disease.

A good oral hygiene program consists of:

  • Regular Dental Exams
  • Bi Annual or More Professional Cleanings
  • Yearly or More Comprehensive Dental Exams
  • Dental Restoration Examination
  • Brushing Twice a Day
  • Flossing Once a Day
  • Antibacterial Mouth Rinses
  • Dental Sealants if Necessary
  • Fluoride Treatments if Recommended

What Dental Checkups Look For

During dental checkups and comprehensive dental checkups Dr. Greenman and his team are looking for healthy teeth and gums and a healthy oral cavity.

If lumps, lesions, sores or patches are noticed, biopsies are done before being sent to a lab. It’s important to note that when oral cancer is detected in its early stages the chances of recovery are much higher.

During your dental checkup your Westlake Village dentist is also checking dental restorations for damage. Resin restorations are an easy fix, but mercury fillings? Not so much.

As previously mentioned silver amalgam fillings contain mercury. If you aren’t removing and replacing your silver amalgam restorations you will eventually have to deal with broken, chipped and leaky fillings.

Amalgam Filling Removal Westlake Village

Your dentist in Westlake Village practices preventive dentistry and can’t stress the importance of silver filling examination, removal and replacement.

Mercury poisoning brings problems that you would rather not have to deal with, and you won’t have to when you schedule amalgam filling removal in Westlake Village.

During an amalgam removal consultation Dr. Greenman will examine and recommend necessary restoration renovation and replacement.

Research shows a link between amalgam fillings and overall health issues. This means it’s better to be safe than sorry. If your restorations are 5 years or older, make an appointment for a dental fillings checkup.

Dr. Greenman practices mercury free dentistry in Westlake Village giving you and your body your health back.

Dental Checkups and Amalgam Removal

Call and schedule an appointment for dental checkups and silver amalgam filling removal today. You and your body will be happy you did.

Call or send a direct message for a preventive dentistry checkup today.  

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