Mercury Free Dentistry in Westlake Village

Mercury Free Dentistry in Westlake Village

Mercury Free Dentistry in Westlake Village

If you are dealing with old silver amalgam fillings it’s time to schedule an appointment with a dentist. Dr. Steven Greenman provides patients with mercury free dentistry and can remove your old fillings for a healthier you.

What is Mercury Free Dentistry?

Your mercury free dentist in Westlake Village uses the highest quality dental materials on the planet. These biocompatible materials create beautiful and healthy smiles and mean less removal of the healthy tooth.

Mercury free dentistry means no silver amalgam. While the American Dental Association and the FDA deem silver amalgam as safe for dental fillings, some dentists, such as Dr. Greenman, prefer biocompatible dental materials as there is no chance of mercury leakage and because they are much less invasive than silver amalgam fillings.

Why Choose Mercury Free Dentistry

Because silver amalgam fillings contain as much as 50 percent mercury, there is a chance that they could leak, especially if they are older dental fillings.

Mercury causes problems for your immune, urinary, and cardiac systems and causes problems for your digestive track as well. Biocompatible tooth colored fillings eliminate mercury leakage.

According to Dr. Greenman, amalgam fillings expand and contract with temperature changes. This makes the fillings weaker over time. When the filling is compromised, so is the rest of the tooth. This makes the rest of the tooth susceptible to additional decay.

Silver fillings also require more tooth removal. This means some of the healthy tooth structure is removed as well to make way for the silver amalgam filling.

What are Biocompatible Restorations Made of?

Your dentist in Westlake Village explains that tooth colored restorations are made from a variety of biocompatible materials that include composite resin and glass ionomers. Not only are these materials healthier for you, they are also healthier for the environment.

Mercury Free Dentistry for a Healthier You

While some believe silver amalgam fillings are stronger, they really aren’t. In fact, biocompatible tooth colored fillings are often stronger than silver fillings.

Mercury free dentistry means healthier teeth and a healthier you, and best of all, you won’t have to worry about becoming toxic with leaky silver amalgam fillings.

Call for a Mercury Free Dentistry Consultation

You don’t have to live in a toxic world. Call, click, or schedule a consultation via text with your Westlake Village Dentist. It really does make a difference when you get rid of your silver amalgam fillings.

Call for a dental appointment in Westlake Village today.

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