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“You can imagine how few patients can say they had a positive experience at the dentist, let alone an enjoyable one. Going to the dentist isn’t exactly something we look forward to – especially when the work needed is extensive. This is my situation as I’m currently undergoing a whole mouth restoration, with Dr. Greeman. This is a process where the patient undergoes a rebuilding process for every tooth, thereby completely restoring ones dental health.

I’m very pleased to say that Dr. Greeman and his staff have made me feel safe and comfortable during this entire process. The first step, in earning my trust, was in the time they took to completely explain the entire process and answer all my questions. The next thing to stand out right away is the extent Dr. Greeman has gone to insure he and his staff are the most highly educated and well trained, professionals in dentistry – using the most modern, cutting edge, equipment available. I may be old-school when it comes to hot rods and exercise, but when it comes to medical services, I want highly trained professionals, using the most sophisticated equipment available. This is what you get at Greeman Smile Concepts.

Whether you need a simple teeth cleaning, or like me, you need extensive work, I highly recommend contacting Dr. Greeman’s office to schedule a consultation.”
Rich Hale Westlake Village, CA

ACTUAL PATIENT of Testimonials for Los Angeles Dentist, Westlake Village - Dr. Steven GreenmanACTUAL PATIENT of Testimonials for Los Angeles Dentist, Westlake Village - Dr. Steven Greenman

“Just a quick note to thank you and your staff for the friendly experience I had while under your care.” – Ken Fridrich

“I am truly happy with the work done by Dr. Greenman. The team of people that support Dr. Greenman are to be commended. I want to thank all of you for a pleasant experience.” – Stuart Steinberg

“Thank you, Dr. Greenman and staff, for listening, and understanding my specific needs and requests. Also, the kindness, friendliness and gentleness was very much appreciated. Also, I was so pleased to get any/all of my questions answered via email very quickly. I would recommend your services to anyone who needs dental assistance. Thank you!”  – Susan Reed

“Everyone was very kind and knew my name when I walked in, which is really nice. I also appreciate everyone taking the time to talk to me and listen- I never felt rushed.”  – Kate Thornburg

“Jeff was extremely helpful as my first contact with the office. He provided clear information and worked with my financial needs. He is both professional and amiable as is Dr. Greenman. The experience was completely painless, and my best dental experience yet.”  – Sarah Gallwey

“I am so pleased with the outcome. I truly feel I have found a dentist I can trust and who respects my sensibilities. ”  -Debra Johnston

“Dr. Greenman and staff are absolutely amazing! I am so impressed with the professionalism, technology, and Dr. Greenmans work. I am in the dental field and have never seen such an amazing office before. I have referred this office to many friends and family. Thank you all for taking such good care of me!”  – Krissy Hock

“I appreciate the feeling that my hygienist is also my friend. The front desk staff is very friendly, and helpful. As a long-time patient, it is nice to be recognized personally by the dentist each visit.”  – Kellie Swigger

“You all did an excellent job answering my questions, creating a relaxed and comfortable environment, and reducing my anxieties & apprehension about my dental plan and choices.”  – Michael Shields

“I am grateful to be a new patient with your office. Dr. Greenman as well as every single staff member treated me with so much personal care and professionalism. Dr. Greenman should certainly be proud of the office and team that he has put together. I’m looking forward to the time when I’ll be ready to pursue having veneers made for myself. In the meantime, I’m happy knowing that I’ve got a great dentist and team that will take care of me. Thank you!”  -Suzanne Barger

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“I felt very comfortable knowing I was in the hands of Dr.Greenman. All the staff was very comforting and I will always highly recommend Dr.Greenman for dental care and his expertise.”  -Cheryl Agoado

“I can’t recall my hygienist’s name and feel bad since she always remembers me. It’s great how she asks about things going on in my life and she remembers what we’ve talked about in previous visits. I truly like that. Makes me feel like more than just a patient. I like the fact that you send appointment reminders via email, us mail, and phone and allow me to confirm via email.”  –Eileen Shutz

“I think your staff and services are beyond the normal standard and everyone does a great job. Which is why I am a returning customer, again, and again.”  -Michelle Mattoni

“Without a doubt you are the most professional office I have ever been too. First time I have ever felt instantly comfortable in a dentist office. Thank you for a wonderful dental experience. I never thought I would say that.”  -Eileen Schuller

Do not mean to be overkill but I LOVE MY TEETH.  You are a magician.  Thank you so much.  See you in about a month or a little more. :)”  -Heather

“I am very happy with Dr. Greenman and all of his staff.  Everyone goes out of their way to make you comfortable, and attend to any special needs you may have, and they are so very friendly.  Dr. Greenman is a great dentist; the best.   Cara, the dental hygenist, is excellent.  All the other staff also do a super job.  I look forward to going to my dentist, and send a big “thank you” to all of them.” -Susan

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