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Before Laser Dentistry TreatmentAs a Westlake Village dentist, Dr. Greenman understands how important attention-to-detail and comfortable techniques are to his patients. The latest technology found at Steven Greenman DDS helps to keep your appointment quiet, relaxing, effecting and discomfort-free. Because our cosmetic dentist values continuing education and remaining up-to-date with the best ways to utilize these new dental solutions, you can experience better health and a brighter, attractive smile.

After Laser Dentistry Treatment by Dr. Steven GreenmanAmong the most advanced dental technologies available is the Waterlase® system. Rather than a loud, uncomfortable drill, this system uses laser energy combined with a spray of atomized water to gently and precisely remove damaged tooth material.

Dr. Greenman uses Waterlase® technology to reshape gum tissue in a matter of minutes, to beautifully frame your smile. It is also very beneficial in the removal of decayed tooth enamel, to pave the way for a natural-looking filling or inlay. The result is that a wide variety of cosmetic and restorative procedures can now be performed easily and painlessly.

You can relax in Dr. Greenman’s office – your appointment will be free of the uncomfortable sounds drill-bits, and you will be at ease in the dental chair, not requiring any anesthetic at all in most cases.

Nearly every patient who has experienced the Waterlase® reports no pain or discomfort at all – an aspect of his premium service Dr. Greenman is proud to highlight to all of his new patients, unfamiliar with the technology.

Dr. Greenman continues to provide world-class cosmetic dentistry, preventative care, Los Angeles laser dentistry, and restorative dental services. Being among the few to make the Waterlase® dental solution available to his valued clients, helps him continue in his quest to remain an industry leader. If you’d like to learn more about this high-tech solution, contact this Westlake Village dentist and his dedicated team.