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Cosmetic Dentures

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Dentures Los Angeles BeforeEvery person with dentures in Los Angeles wants comfort, a perfect fit, and a natural-looking smile. Thanks to new advances and a Thousand Oaks dentist with specialized cosmetic dentistry skills, patients can have all of these important features, and more.

Dr. Steven Greenman understands that a common complaint for many denture wearers is the unnatural look of the plastic prosthetic teeth in dentures of the past. Cosmetic dentures use the latest in advanced dentistry

Dentures Los Angeles After

technology to create a smile that is amazingly lifelike.

Instead of plastic, beautiful and natural looking ceramic porcelain is used to create teeth that have the color, depth and translucency of your own natural teeth. The materials used to replicate the “soft tissue” of the gums are comfortably flexible and can be blended to perfectly complement your natural skin tones.

Comfort, fit and a beautiful, natural-looking smile…a dedicated dentist such as Dr. Steven Greenman will not accept anything less for his clients.

Dentures Los Angeles Before Dentures Los Angeles Before

Dentures Los Angeles Before Dentures Los Angeles Before


Dentures in Los Angeles Don’t Have to Look False

Cosmetic dentures take prosthetic teeth to a whole other level when it comes to function and beauty. The porcelain used to create the teeth in a cosmetic denture is not only very strong and durable, but can be artistically enhanced to perfectly mimic the look of natural teeth. Shape, size and color can be custom created to make a smile that will compliment your coloring, facial features, gender and even your personality!

Impressions are taken of your mouth and a custom fitted denture is created that will fit snugly and comfortably. Fit is very important and a thorough dentist like Dr. Greenman will focus on bite alignment of your prosthetic so that it will always have the perfect fit for optimum function and allow you to eat, speak and smile with confidence.

At Steven Greenman DDS, the talent and skill of this Los Angeles dentist can be seen in the beautiful results he gets; false teeth that don’t look false! A smile that looks and feels like your own is no longer just a dream, but a beautiful reality with dentures in Los Angeles.

Implant Stabilized Removable Dentures

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