Cerec Dental Crowns Restorations

CEREC Restorations

Before CEREC Dental RestorationsAt the office of Thousand Oaks dentist, Dr. Steven Greenman, new innovations are making healthy smiles faster and more convenient than ever.

Time is money, and Dr. Greenman understands your time is valuable. At Steven Greenman DDS, we offer a solution that will not only save you time, but will save you money too.

Thousand Oaks and Los Angeles residents keep such busy schedules. It’s difficult and time-consuming to get needed restorative treatments completed, when most dental restorations take several visits and a few weeks.After CEREC Dental Restorations by Dr. Steven Greenman

At many ordinary dental offices around Los Angeles, preparing for a crown to be made requires the patient to wear a temporary. This may need to be worn for weeks, until the crown is manufactured by an offsite laboratory, often out-of-state or overseas.

Dr. Greenman’s CEREC® technology eliminates the hassle. Your ceramic crown is made expertly by Dr. Greenman with computer-aided design (CAD) software, onsite in his Westlake Village office, during your appointment. No labs, no temporaries, and no multiple-visits… your time is maximized, at a more affordable cost.

A Thousand Oaks Dentist Combining Function and Beauty

When a tooth is too damaged or weak to be repaired with traditional fillings, crowns can provide a beautiful, lifelike restoration that protects the remaining tooth structure. A crown is a tooth-shaped cap that covers the entire surface area of the existing tooth.

Oftentimes, patients think that their teeth are too damaged to ever look perfect again. Dr. Greenman and his staff look forward to showing you firsthand, the amazing results that are possible with beautifully-crafted and convenient CEREC® crowns.

See the possibilities for yourself, along with this amazing 3D process, by scheduling an appointment with our Thousand Oaks dentist today.


Onlays and Partial Veneer Restorations

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