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Tooth loss may indicate cognitive and physical decline

Posted in Dental Health on Monday, March 30th, 2015 by admin

Tooth loss may be a harbinger of mental and physical decline. That's what a study released in January by the University College of London suggests. The study looked at 3,166 English adults aged 60 or older. It examined tooth loss, memory and walking speed. It found that those who had lost all of their teeth showed more rapid decline than individuals who ...

Oral Health Survey Reveals Surprising Statistics on American Dental Hygiene Habits

Posted in Dental Health on Monday, January 12th, 2015 by admin

A recent survey conducted by Delta Dental has revealed some shocking statistics regarding oral health habits in America. At first glance, the fact that 7 out of 10 Americans make it a habit to brush their teeth twice a day looks good. However, this computes to the equivalent of 30 percent of Americans not brushing their teeth often enough. Americans are ...

Advocacy for Better Access to Dental Care

Posted in Overall Health on Thursday, September 25th, 2014 by admin

A July online survey of 2087 adults performed by The Harris Organization for Oral Health America (OHA) revealed that households with incomes of less than $50,000 tend to put dental visits off.  This is especially true for the young and students. Three-quarters of these households cited their delay in seeking dental care as a lack of funds and access to insurance. We ...

Oral Health in the Later Years

Posted in Dental Health on Tuesday, May 27th, 2014 by admin

As we age, many expect they will lose their teeth in the process. This is fiction. The fact is that around 75 percent of seniors over age 65 have managed to keep some or even all of their teeth by following some simple steps. Brush Twice Daily Just as you should when you are young, continue brushing your teeth twice daily as ...

The Startling Link Between Kidney Disease and Poor Oral Health

Posted in Overall Health on Tuesday, March 18th, 2014 by admin

March is National Kidney Month, which makes it one of the best times of the year to increase your awareness and understanding of one of the most underlooked but vital organs in your body: your kidneys. That includes learning about a startling connection between oral health and renal disease. Studies have found that people with renal disease tend to have oral ...

Preventive Dental Care Increased Over Last 10 Years, but Gaps In Care Remain

Posted in Dental Health on Wednesday, January 15th, 2014 by admin

A study published in the journal "Frontiers in Public Health," reported on various groups and their likelihood to receive preventive dental care. The Study determined that, while more people are receiving preventative care now than in the past, there remains room for improvement. Women are 33 percent more likely than men to receive preventative care, and individuals with dental insurance coverage ...

How Often Should You See Your Dentist?

Posted in Dental Health on Friday, November 29th, 2013 by admin

A new study published in the American Journal Of Dental Research concluded that dental checkups should be tailored to each patient's needs. That is, the frequency of regular visits may be more or less frequent than twice a year. The University of Michigan researched a link between tooth loss, frequency of dental visits and three periodontal risk factors. The risk factors ...

American Dental Association Recommends Sugar Alternative

Posted in General on Thursday, October 17th, 2013 by admin

Without dismissing use of fluoride-containing products as an essential part of cavity prevention, the American Dental Association's expert panel has released a report stating that sugar free gums and hard candies may also help prevent cavities when consumed alongside patients' normal dental routine. This panel chosen by the association's Council on Scientific Affairs found that consumption of sugar-free candies after ...

Connection Between Oral Health & HPV Risk Factor

Posted in Overall Health on Tuesday, September 3rd, 2013 by admin

If you practice good oral health, you have more reasons to smile than just a potential reduction in cavities and bad breath. Your good habits related to caring for your teeth and gums may actually reduce your risk of contracting the human papillomavirus (HPV) and related HPV cancers, according to a study in the American Association for Cancer Researchjournal. The study, from ...

Two Additional Misconceptions about Gum Disease

Posted in Gum Health on Monday, July 29th, 2013 by admin

Being diagnosed with gum disease does not mean your mouth is beyond repair. There are many misconceptions concerning gum disease and its implications.  Here are two commonly heard myths: Myth #3:  If you are diagnosed with gum disease, you will Lose Your Teeth Taking simple but important measures toward good oral care will not only save your teeth, but also place you squarely on ...